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    Recently my Ercoupe's C-85 lost oil prime which resulted in no oil pressure on start-up. Unfortunately, it ran for around 15-minutes - including a run-up, before being noticed. Long story, it was a "friend" warming up plane for oil change and did not notice. I know, I know, the engine is...
  2. Lawson Laslo

    Private Pilot Checkride Aircraft Requirments

    Hello, I own a 1946 Ercoupe with rudder pedals. I am currently a student pilot and was wondering when it come time for my check ride what are the requirements for my aircraft (ie. required equipment etc...)? Thank You
  3. Lawson Laslo

    DIY canopy cover

    what fabric would you use for a diy canopy cover and how would you make one? it will be for a ercoupe thanks Lawson Laslo
  4. J

    Ercoupe or other ideas?

    My dear friend is losing ability in his legs. He says he is in a wheelchair most of the time. He misses flying. An Ercoupe was suggested as I heard that they do not have rudder pedals. If this is the case, how do you control the rudder? How about braking? Is the footwell completely open...
  5. Lawson Laslo

    N2005H before and after pics

    here’s some pics of before and after the restoration
  6. Lawson Laslo

    Bicycle grips on yoke

    Has anyone ever put bicycle grips on there yoke as a alternative to the slip on grips If you have please post pictures and tips It would go on our new Ercoupe
  7. Lawson Laslo

    Ercoupe with control stick

    just a thought Could you replace the yoke on the ercoupe with a stick, just by mounting the stick to the shaft? Like on the tripacer
  8. Lawson Laslo

    Wanted: Aircraft Ercoupe Wanted

    were looking to get a ercoupe I am located in Oklahoma If you have one for sale please post your photos here along with any info Thank you
  9. Lawson Laslo

    Polishing Ercoupe

    we are looking at a ercoupe for sale, the paint is bad and we would want to strip the paint and polish it. how hard would it be to strip the paint and then polish it? what are the steps to doing this? Any info helps Thank you!
  10. Lawson Laslo

    Ercoupe for training

    I currently have 20 hours of training in the Cherokee Do you think it’s would bad to finish my training in a ercoupe since it doesn’t have rudder pedals Also how much longer do you think a 70 year older ercoupe will last Thanks
  11. Lawson Laslo

    Ercoupe in crosswind

    does anyone know the crosswind limitation for a ercoupe without pedals, and one with pedals Would it be ok to have one without rudders in Oklahoma (windy all the time) Also how much do you think it would cost to add pedals
  12. Lawson Laslo

    Ercoupe flight characteristics

    How does the ercoupe fly compared to a piper Cherokee 140? The 140 feels kind of loose and was wondering if the ercoupe flew better. Thank you
  13. C

    Southern California to Mid-Atlantic in an Ercoupe

    I’m looking at buying an Ercoupe that’s based in Southern California. I am looking at taking a week to fly it back with my college roomate who’s a CFI to the Mid-Atlantic area. He’s based in Denver and is much more familar with the west than I am. That being said, I’m looking for recommendations...