1. F

    100% T&P va rating and a 1st class medical

    New here guys, I know this topic has been discussed but my case is slightly different. I am a Usmc vet with a 100% total and permanent rating. I’m 2 months from starting a zero to airline 10 month program and I need to know if I have a shot at getting and maintaining a 1st class medical. here...
  2. B

    First Class Medical (VA Disability)

    Good Morning, I am reaching out today to ask some questions on what I can do to obtain a first class medical. I have recently got out of the Air Force after doing 4 years as a fire fighter. I am currently 23 years old and have received a 80% disability rating with PTSD and a side diagnosis of...
  3. Bug H

    Intro and approach to ownership (Chicken/Egg)

    Many hours reading PoA - just now singing up! SEL VFR w/HP - ~200 hrs/last flight over 10 years ago. I'm about to retire from military (age 54) and eager to dust off the logbook and resume some training with the goal of ownership someday! Flying club/FBO aircraft rental experiences, were...