departure procedure

  1. A

    Where is that fix?

    IFR student here, sometimes I listen on liveATC to comms traffic on various airports to check how well i can understand it. One call which I have heard multiple times was on Dallas Lovefield tower freq. telling departing aircraft: "RNAV Dorset Clear for take off " , to which pilots respond...
  2. J

    KPSP Cathedral One Departure - Climb via SID or Maintain Phraseology

    The Cathedral One Departure out of KPSP has a crossing altitude restriction at the Palm Springs Vortac. If the clearance controller assigns you the Cathedral One Departure, will they use the "Climb via SID" phraseology, or will they simply say "Maintain XXXX"? I don't know if Vortac crossing...
  3. dembro

    What it's like to DEPART Oshkosh (spoiler alert: awesome)

    So technically this video is from my trip to OSH17, but it doesn't look like too many folks have posted videos of their OSH Departures, so I thought I'd throw mine into the mix! The arrival gets all of the love (for good reason), but the departure demands respect and a good set of ears. You'll...
  4. J

    Departure Procedure Questions KGRF

    First being that I'm new to this site I would like to thank everyone that participates in this forum. Being new to aviation it's nice to find these forums in order to try and help everyone become safer and more experienced. Being new to this forum I'm unable to attach any documents. The...