1. flyerfocus

    Does a Checkride in a Complex Aircraft Double as an Endorsement?

    Hello, I did my multi-engine training and checkride in a Piper Apache, a complex aircraft. My instructor never did actually endorse my logbook for complex. Does the checkride in the complex aircraft double as an endorsement or do I have to go out and specifically fly again to get the...
  2. D

    Complex Engine Takeoffs and Altitude

    I recently purchased a 182 RG for the purpose of some good ol cross country cruising. Here's my question: High Elevation vs Low Elevation Complex Takeoffs High Elevation: All my training in 182's / Complex was at my home field at high elevation 4,000 ft or more. I was instructed to perform...
  3. brcase

    So-Cal Complex/ATC Airspace Training Plan

    I am planning some training for a friend of mine that purchased a Mooney and is based at Flabob. Below is the long version. But here are short version questions for local pilots… What airports are best for practicing Takesoffs and Landings near Flabob? Any tips/tricks/recommendations for...
  4. Trever Oakes

    C172 RG Retractable Gear System

    Hello everyone! I am in the middle of commercial, and just about to get my complex endorsement. I have been flying the 172RG. I'm pretty solid with the CS Prop, but the landing gear system is still a little unclear to me. Using the diagram in the systems section of the POH. Can somebody help...
  5. Naithan Scott

    Mooney M20, Piper Arrow, Beech Banonza or Sierra....complex decisions

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is looking forward to the day full of festivities with friends, family and guests this Independence day. As I get closer to my private pilot check ride, I have begun to look into complex aircraft training *For personal experience before advanced endorsements*. To...
  6. D

    taa aircraft and commercial pilot license

    Hey, Ive been arguing lately with my chief instructor at the school (who is also owner of the school) about part 141 commercial pilot license. I need 6 hours complex aircraft flight training and new regulation says candidate can fly either taa aircraft or complex aircraft to meet the...
  7. lbfjrmd

    another complicated medical issuance - another day at my office!

    I am seeing this airman candidate tomorrow. Not only will it be a HIMS case, it requires coordination with the flight surgeon, the CO of applicants command AND the FAA. I spent 2 hours talking to the 4 parties involved today. It would have been helpful if the applicant had applied for this...
  8. D

    complex aiarcraft training issue

    Hello, Any help will be highly appreciated! I'll try to explain my situation here, maybe some of us may come up an idea. Here it is; I live in Puerto Rico and after the hurricane Maria, my school had lost complex aircraft in the fleet and that was the only one. And school haven't replaced it...
  9. W

    Time Building in Utah

    Ive got my hands on a Mooney M20B, and I'd like to offer it up for some time building for instrument or commercial ratings. You'll get some complex time and if you like it I can give you instruction for your commercial. It's only about 85$ hourly (dry) Let me know