1. S

    Best path to getting an ATP certificate as well as a 4-year degree?

    So I'm currently still in high school. I'm just trying to figure out the best and preferably cheapest way to get a 4-year degree and getting my ATP certificate. Is it going to ATP Flight School? Or a college with a program such as UVU. I live in California, so whats the cheapest/best way to get...
  2. Z

    Wanted: Partnership Looking for a club / partnership for an affordable plane in Indianapolis

    ATP / CFII looking to buy a share of a Cessna 150 / 152 / 172, Piper Archer, etc. for leisure. Live close to KHFY (Greenwood Indiana), but willing to drive!
  3. M

    For Sale Club Membership Helena, MT-KHLN

    Selling my share in a club with 5 planes. 1xCessna 150-$36/hr 1xCessna 172-$52/hr 1xCessna 172-180hp $52/hr 1xCessna 182-$79/hr 1xCitabria 7GCBC $50/hr *all prices are WET! $600 down and $80/month dues. Potential to earn $20/month in flight credits...
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  5. blurceo

    Looking for Hangar Rental Information-Space Coast FL

    Hey Everyone, I may be relocating to the space coast area. (is Melbourne part of space coast?) Looking for some information on what hanger rent is in the area. I will be living in Melbourne and be working at the Melbourne airport. But I'm sure the airport hanger are probably out of my price...