cessna 182

  1. WGregB

    New Pilot Checking in

    Hello all, Just stopping by to do the introduction. Home base in Casa Grande, AZ. I'm in process of buying a 78 Piper Warrior II in order to start my flight training. Just waiting on the Spar inspection :eek: to get completed. And 2 other minor items. I may be flying in a few weeks or may...
  2. Ray Jr

    Afraid to maintain an old plane

    Am I being crazy? Im in the market for my first airplane. I want something that can put along at at least 140 knots. My usual trip is 650 miles. I don’t mind multi legs but I don’t want a head wind to double the trip time. I would like the versatility of a C177 or 182 (tall pilot, likely...
  3. Rob777

    Cessna 182E Rudder

    Hello, I am in need of a replacement rudder for my Cessna 182E. There are quite a few rudders available on Ebay but I am wondering what year ranges are compatible with the 1962 182E? Thank you in advance for the help!! -Robert
  4. C

    For Sale Looking to rent 182 in Dallas Area Over New Years

    Short notice, I know, but looking to rent a 182 to head out to New Mexico over new years (looking for a backup which could become my primary). Already familiar with RFC Dallas and RentMy182. Other ideas? Have 100+ in type, all within the past 2 years.
  5. C

    Looking for Advice for Flying into Taos

    I'm hoping to fly into Taos over New Years in our 182Q. I've never been out west with the 182, so looking for some tribal knowledge and pointers on the trek. I've done quite a bit of research on the route and mountain flying and plan to take the 182 up to 7000, etc. and get a good...
  6. wheaties

    bare aluminum in the north east

    Given the prevalence of salt during the winter months up in the northeast of the country, what would it take to maintain a 182 that was 80% bare aluminum? Assume it's flown 2x a week regardless of season and kept in a hangar. Reason I'm asking is that, given the quotes from the various shops it...
  7. J

    For Sale For Sale - SK182-115, SK172-147 Reinforcement kits for Cessna 172, 182

    We now offer the SK182-115, SK172-147 Reinforcement kits for the Cessna aircraft. Just give me a call. These kits are PMA’d. My number is+19365694342 or 409-698-0021
  8. iflyvfr

    Help me buy a 182

    I flew to look at a '69 182M yesterday. Paint is 1.5 YO, seats are great. TTAF < 4000 hrs. The rest of the plane would be an exercise in modernization and pride of ownership. Motor has 500 more hours on it than advertised. Cosmetics are absent meaning the panel and interior is otherwise a...
  9. T

    Best Plane for my Mission?

    Hello folks, I am a private pilot with 100 hours looking to start my instrument training. While I know plenty of instructors, there are no good aircraft to rent in the area. Because of this, I am looking to purchase an airplane. I want this airplane to be a good platform for me to get my...
  10. N

    Double doors on a Cessna 182??

    I want a C182 with a bigger cargo door...or better yet, double doors!!! Has anyone ever seen such a thing (on a 182 that is)? I’ve seen some roll-up doors that skydiving planes use, but I’m talking about a legitimate door that closes and latches...Can this be done to a 182??
  11. A

    Cessna 172 rental near Minneapolis

    Hi Friends in Minneapolis area, I will be visiting Minneapolis (Chaska) are for this weekend starting tomorrow. Was wondering if you could recommend a place where I could rent a Cessna 172/182/150/152 for a few hours? I have a PPL with 175+ hours, high performance endorsement and mountain...
  12. T

    Is it worth it?/Which aircraft

    My business is considering purchasing an aircraft. The typical mission would be as follows: Distance: ~270 kts Frequency: 3 trips/month (to the destination and back) # Passengers: 2-4 Needs: FIKI, cruise above 15K I would fly the aircraft so no need for a pilot. We would fly primarily to...
  13. M

    For Sale: Aircraft Philadelphia, south jersey area

    I am interested in purchasing a cessna 182 (actively looking at several); am lucky if I could fly 100 hours per year due to life (currently VFR but would like to work towards getting IFR); so am seriously looking for one or two people interested in joining to share the burden of ownership and...