1. 1

    Aftermarket replacement for a windshield/canopy ?

    Can somebody provide contacts of workshops who specialize in production of custom plexiglass (I think it's a brand name of some type of acrylic/polymer) windows? I'm looking for a Diamond DA20 Katana and can't find anything in Google. I would really appreciate you help!
  2. Lawson Laslo

    DIY canopy cover

    what fabric would you use for a diy canopy cover and how would you make one? it will be for a ercoupe thanks Lawson Laslo
  3. langted

    Slider canopy or tip-up?

    I am expecting to purchase either an Arion Lightning or a Sling 2 kit this Summer. I know these are very different airplanes, but then I like them for different reasons. One of the many variables (other than performance) is that the Sling has a slider, while the Lightning has a tip-up...