buy vs. rent

  1. H

    Underrated models/manufactures that we should consider

    With the prices we're seeing these days on the most popular models, is there any underdog/hidden gem that you will consider as an alternative?
  2. J

    First plane

    Hello! I’m looking to get my pilots certificate and would like to buy an airplane now so I have no limitation on scheduling and have a plane to fly around in when I get it. What would make a better first airplane purchase. The two planes I’ve narrowed it down to are a Piper Cherokee 140/160...
  3. J

    Purchasing a plane for training

    My brother and I currently both have a private pilots license. We both graduated from uni a little under 3 years ago now. 3 for me and 2 for him. Neither of us have college debt (yay honours scholarships) and currently have jobs working in a pharmaceutical lab setting. (We were both biochem...
  4. Keith Ward

    Resisting the Call of the Warrior

    I went to look at a Piper Warrior II last week. If you’re going to fly a lot — the tipping point seems to be about 100 hours per year — it makes more financial sense to buy a plane rather than continue to rent. There was a group at my local airport looking for a partner in their 1979 Warrior...