1. R

    Garmin GTN650 + Bendix King Aerocruze problems

    Looking for a little guidance. My Cessna 182Q was just upgraded with a GTN650 and BK Aerocruze (Trutrak) autopilot. Plane has an original 6 pack with the exception of a GI-106A CDI. Before the install the avionics shop told me that this setup would be capable of performing GPSS approaches...
  2. B

    AP and Panel Options

    I recently had my 200A autopilot fail on me in IMC and after asking the shop to take a look at it, it's clear everyone wants to just replace the sucker (ah hey me too, I guess). Received a very nice quote for Garmin Gear, the new 500 AP, and 2 X G5's well nice BIG price tag with it too. A...
  3. Arnold


    I vote Bendix T12. It was rock solid, nearly immune to atmospheric interference and reliable. Your thoughts? Looks can be deceiving, these boxes got me home innumerable times in all types of weather.