1. E

    HIMS abuse versus dependence and step down plan

    First, I would like to say I take full responsibility for my actions and ownership of the fact the flying is a privilege. I want to keep this as detailed but short as possible so here are the details: DUI 2016 with .18 BAC which was then expunged, applied for 3rd class medical with HIMS AME...
  2. kath

    FAQ: DUI's and alcohol/drug abuse

    I'm starting this thread in order to collect information about DUI/DWI and alcohol/drug abuse issues and pilot medicals. New pilots and Student Pilots: if you have ever had a DUI or issues with drugs/alcohol, please read some of these threads first! ------- Student pilot: 21 year old DUI...
  3. B

    First Class Medical (VA Disability)

    Good Morning, I am reaching out today to ask some questions on what I can do to obtain a first class medical. I have recently got out of the Air Force after doing 4 years as a fire fighter. I am currently 23 years old and have received a 80% disability rating with PTSD and a side diagnosis of...
  4. L

    Breathalysing pilots

    I'm a university student conducting research on alcohol consumption and airline pilots (drunk flying) If you are an airline pilot, please take some time to answer these questions. these questions are for research purposes only. Any response will be useful. Thank you. Do pilots still attempt to...
  5. M

    Will I be required to do the HIMS program?

    Hello, I have a 3rd class medical and I will have it till 2024. I got a dui last year. The dui didn’t involve and accident or injury. I blew a .15 and a .13. I understand that the .15 is over the level for a regular AME to issue a medical. I am confused whether I will be required to do HIMS. I...
  6. F

    Recent surgery applying for Class One SI

    Hey guys. I recently had a minor procedure done for a heart issue back in May. It was diagnosed in January and delayed because of COVID. On my preop blood work everything was normal except for something called MCV. I began to research it and apparently it can be raised by alcohol consumption...
  7. Sac Arrow

    Sac's burger review - Burgerim

    Burgerim is an up and coming fast food franchise, which, I'm going to guess probably originated in Los Angeles, judging by the heat map: Now - here is the thing. Some of the locations profess to be halal. How can you be halal if you have bacon? There is bacon on the menu. That is not halal...
  8. bbchien

    FAA approch to dual-DUI

    So I have been corresponding with an airman want-to-be. He reports DUI 2002 and 2004. He refuses to answer my three time inquiry into did he blow- noting that they have been expunged. Two DUIs and inability to prove both < 0.15 BAC means HIMS evaluation. In the discussion, I describe the...
  9. P

    Please delete this thread. Thank you.

    Please delete this thread. Thank you.