1. T

    Is the propeller + engine canted / offset to the side on a Cessna 210 ?

    Many GA aircraft have their prop and engine tilted a bit to the right, but I've looked through many photos of Cessna 210's, and I couldn't spot ANY tilt on any of them. Is that right - is the prop and engine really straight on a Cessna 210, or am I just blind ? Thanks in advance ! :) P.S.: I...
  2. Trever Oakes

    Effect of Ailerons on Angle of Attack

    I've been working on a research paper, and I haven't been able to find a solid description of this. Why does a downward aileron cause a higher angle of attack, and likewise an upward aileron causes a lower angle of attack? Is it the same as the reason why flaps cause a higher angle of attack, by...
  3. birdus

    Angle of Attack: True or False

    True or False: The stick determines elevator position and elevator position determines angle of attack. When the critical angle of attack is exceeded, the wing stalls. So, given a design with enough elevator authority, if the stick is in your lap, then the wing is stalled. If the stick is, say...