aerial photography

  1. I

    Common carriage scenario

    Commercial check ride coming up, I have a few question about private carriage and common carriage scenarios I held commercial pilot license with valid first class medical without operation license 1) If my flight plan is for evacuating from hurricane with 2 passenger on board, and get paid by...
  2. Mitch Bowers

    F-16 Flyover

    Here is my aerial image of the F-16 Flyover for the Colorado Rockies home opener last week. Yes, I was talking to ATC and started coordinating this flight days before. I even received an email from the lead pilot with heading, time altitude and speed. He told me they would be doing 300kts...
  3. Mitch Bowers

    Frontier Airbus A320 Air To Air

    I was flying a vertical photography site just above the class B airspace in Denver when the controller mentioned an Airbus at my 4 o'clock and 1000' below and was passing underneath. I got lucky and was able to capture this image. I never know what is going to happen on photo flights...
  4. Mitch Bowers

    Air to Air - Pilatus PC-7

    An image from a recent air to air shoot near Denver, CO with a beautiful Pilatus PC-7. This aircraft is formerly owned by the state of Alaska.
  5. J

    Commerical Photography

    Hello all, I am new here! Nice to meet you all! I am a professional helicopter pilot, and I wanted to know if you all know of any groups or forums that hire pilots to do aerial photography--especially in the Southern California area? Looking to make a little extra money! Thanks so much!!
  6. bisctboy

    MyPilotPro Spider GoPro Cockpit Mount

    MyPilotPro Spider GoPro Cockpit Mount $24.95 & FREE SHIPPING MyPilotPro Spider is a perfect addition to the cockpit for recording your GoPro aviation footage. It’s small footprint and effective design allows you to attach it to any non-porous surface inside the cockpit. The Spider mount is...