1. I

    Help with Oral portion and Flight checkride

    Hi. So can someone confirm enequivocally, that the Oral portion for private pilot comes from the ACS Part I Preflight Section A to H right? Are other questions asked? What about the sections in the ACS AFTER Part I: Preflight? Will those be asked on oral? I keep hearing oral portion is only...
  2. Steve Knoblock

    Partial Panel in TAA aircraft

    Looking to get an idea of what folks have experienced during IFR practical check rides to meet the approach requirements in the ACS. Specifically, for a C-172 with dual G5 installation, the round dial airspeed indicator, altimeter, VVI, and turn coordinator are required for the certified...
  3. djmcfall

    For Sale ACS Airline Transport Pilot and Type Rating BOOK.

    I have a brand new and unused ASA soft cover study manual for the ATP FAA "Airman Certification Standards". I will take $10 either check mailed or PayPal friends. That will cover shipping paid by me. I am just not going to have time to study for this exam, so I figure someone who is preparing...
  4. Archimago

    IFP on the ACS for IFR

    Hi, I am thumbing through the ACS for instrument and noting the sources for each Task. I am not sure what they are referring to when they note "IFP" as a source. I.e what do I need to gleen from this source and what exactly is it. Thanks!
  5. C

    Passed Private Pilot Checkride (ACS vs PTS)

    After almost 3 years of training (on and off) and just over 101 hours of flight time, I passed the Private Pilot ASEL checkride last week under the ACS! I read dozens of checkride stories on PoA and they helped prepare me prepare, so I am paying it forward by sharing my checkride experience...
  6. write-stuff

    Private Pilot Written Test Update

    As we all know, the "new" Private Pilot written test started this week. At this early stage there is no way of knowing precisely what new questions have been added, but the new Knowledge Test Supplement can give us some clues. It does include some changes that are guaranteed to result in new...
  7. write-stuff

    ACS for Private and Instruments

    We're less than a month away for the new ACS to take effect. Here's a video that reviews it from an examiner's standpoint.