1. Daleandee

    Arion Lightning Down (6A4)

    A friend called me about this earlier today:
  2. Daleandee

    Spatial Disorientation

    This is an excellent video by Joe Casey (DPE) on Spatial Disorientation. Some of the illustrations and techniques in this video are eye opening. Ways to show the effects of SD and ways to avoid SD begin about halfway through the video (see they guys spinning with the bats - LOL). Enjoy!
  3. ujocka

    Have you experienced an unintentional stall/spin before?

    Just wondering how many of you have experienced an unintentional stall/spin before. What plane were you in and what did you learn from it? I have only done them intentionally in a C-152 and found them hard to get in to. I know it is much easier in a less stable airplane.
  4. Kenny Phillips

    One of those ironic crashes ...

    Killed whilst spreading father's ashes.