1. A

    Another 2020 Mandate Request for Opinions

    My first post on POA. Finally decided to sign up. I'll apologize in advance if I'm beating a dead horse here but I'm looking for some info and ultimately opinions of other plane owners. I've recently purchased a C172M and am a student pilot. I have a (working) KT-76 transponder and am trying to...
  2. Kumaran Srinivasan

    Straux on Avare

    Hi. I have been using Avare for more than 5 years & it's been very stable. Now im thinking of adding an ADSB in I heard a lot about Stratux If anyone is using Stratux on an Avare, I could clear some doubts. 1.Does this connect only via WiFi or it can connect via Bluetooth too. 2.Does this...