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    • rene86mx
      rene86mx reacted to noahfong's post in the thread KPAO PIREP with Like Like.
      I've never intentionally gone to PAO from the southeast but have overflown it from E16 many, many times as a trafficwatch pilot back in...
    • rene86mx
      rene86mx reacted to ArrowFlyer86's post in the thread Daily Pic with Like Like.
      Fantastic flying day while doing the shoreline from MI to IL. Can see Chicago faintly in the distance. Lake is frozen quite a ways out.
    • rene86mx
      rene86mx replied to the thread Ron Cole Art.
      How was he able to get metal from a stealth plane?
    • rene86mx
      rene86mx reacted to Wrench978's post in the thread Renting a 172 in the Carribbean with Like Like.
      Plenty of places in Puerto Rico. Mostly out of Isla grande (TJIG) or aguadilla (TJBQ). I think St. Thomas (TIST) may have a place too...
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