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    KPGA Page Muni Interior Reference Photos?

    Amazing. Thanks! I have been on Google images, Facebook, even Yelp and there's just not much there. This is perfect.
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    KPGA Page Muni Interior Reference Photos?

    Kind of a weird request but I'll try it here and see! I recently flew into Page, AZ- beautiful airport, beautiful town. I am now using 3D modeling software to create an accurate depiction of the airport for my home flight simulator. I'd like to model the interior of the American Aviation FBO...
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    New battery

    I’d like to replace the old dead battery in my PA-28R-180 with a sealed Concorde RG series battery. Can someone walk me through all the legal requirements? It looks like the RG-35A is approved for use on my aircraft but I don’t know if I need any additional paperwork or anything like that.
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    Flight following frequency?

    Is there a convenient way to use Foreflight to identify the correct ARTCC frequency for picking up VFR flight following when away from a metropolitan area with approach control? I did all my flight training at a class D airport within a class C area, so I always picked up FF from the approach...
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    Which engine ADs apply after an overhaul?

    Looking through my logs, and noticed that the last time someone printed out an AD compliance sheet for the engine, the dates on the ADs listed only went back to the date of major overhaul. I just recently had another major overhaul on the engine. When checking AD compliance, do I need to look...
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    Propeller Nick on freshly overhauled prop

    Hello all. New owner here, just got my plane back from a fresh engine and prop overhaul. 6 hours SMOH on the new engine and I go out to find this huge nick in the freshly overhauled prop. No idea what could have caused this. Got someone hopefully coming out to look at this soon, but.... how...
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    Questions about mixture leaning

    Not to hijack the thread, but I've been trying to learn a lot about leaning since I recently bought my own plane and it's getting a new engine I'd like to keep in good shape. (My CFI was also in the "don't touch the red knob" camp.) Does anyone have any specific advice for using an engine...
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    Piper SB 1345 - Wing Spar

    This is exactly my question... is this a sign that the powers that be are really just doing a science experiment to find out if there is a fleet wide issue rather than cracking down on a known issue? In other words, I have to imagine that if nothing is really found, maybe no AD. And if...
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    Piper SB 1345 - Wing Spar

    Thoughts from other Arrow/PA-28 owners out there? Here are a few things I'm wondering: I thought the FAA was using a factored-time-in-service model to keep the AD from affecting most private owners. Any thoughts about why Piper is just saying flat-out 5000 TT? Obviously the "proposed AD" from...
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    Covid-19 shelter-in-place rules and GA

    I know that aviation maintenance is "essential", but I didn't know if that meant the shelter in place rule exemption extended to myself as a consumer, or if it just applies to workers. I guess workers wouldn't have anything to work on if customers of those businesses stayed home though, and I'm...
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    Covid-19 shelter-in-place rules and GA

    My state has that rule, but the state with the shop doesn't. My state's rule also doesn't apply to people who are only "passing through." Wonder if I could get someone to ferry it to me?
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    Covid-19 shelter-in-place rules and GA

    Here's a question- our governor's EO has forbidden all out-of-state travel except for essential business. My plane's in the engine shop just outside the state. Does that mean I can't go pick it up till the state of emergency is over (God knows when), or does the fact that the repair shop is...
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    Northeast interior shop

    If you don't mind sharing... how much did it cost to get all this done?
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    Budget interior, PA28-140 Cherokee?

    How much trouble would carpets and sidewall be for someone like me- new owner, not particularly handy, but with hangar space and time to spend? I mean, heck- how long does it take to remove and reinstall the seats? I'd like to be able to work on this over the summer in between flights if...
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    Is that what's wrong with this one? What exactly do I need to fix here? Radio works great but display is nearly unreadable. (New guy alert).