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    Do You Like Coleslaw

    This is an awesome thread! You folks ever had mustard slaw highly recommend it!
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    Finding a general aviation mechanic in Pittsburgh,PA

    Hello, in recent months I have become less than satisfied with our mechanics availability. He is a good mechanic but he is quite old and I think retirement is right around the corner. Does anyone have any recommendations for a 182 mechanic in the Pittsburgh area? Thanks in advance.
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    Aircraft ownership forecast

    Any forecast on Single engine prices in the next 5 years? I mean holy cow I can’t believe how prices have soared.
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    Required Aircraft Flight Manual Supplements

    I appreciate the good input, I printed out the AFMS as well as required user manuals. In all honesty though after reading the AFMS again, these manuals really don’t added much in the way of overall Information to operate the equipment safely. It’s mostly legal jargon and a verification of what...
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    Required Aircraft Flight Manual Supplements

    Thanks for all your input. The upgrades took place in the 2010 thru 2020 time frame, in a mid 1970 aircraft. I also cannot find any regulations that point to a requirement for an actual print copy to be onboard.
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    Required Aircraft Flight Manual Supplements

    Thanks for your response fracpilot, I’m not sure what regulations your company operates under but if it’s 135 I can totally understand everything being legal in a digital format because you have specific approval. Additionally your company probably has approved procedures and training. In this...
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    Required Aircraft Flight Manual Supplements

    When an aircraft gets upgraded avionics like a GPS, autopilot, and electronic flight instruments in a mid 1970s aircraft for example; is an aircraft flight manual supplement required and must it be printed and carried along with the aircraft or can it be in digital format? Same with the required...