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    Moxie -- CANCER SUCKS!!!!

    I'm late as well, but I was there when she gave it to you. IIRC, I picked her up at her home field (Mooney wasn't available for some reason) and we flew to Delevan for the buffet. You flew in and met us.:sad:
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    Repossessed 1976 Rockwell 112TC

    Interesting. I presumed with the shop that did the last annual, they could certify that all AD's to that point were completed, couldn't they? I mean that's part of the annual. So it would only be after that. How difficult is it to recreate logs?
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    Repossessed 1976 Rockwell 112TC

    As far as we can tell he has fled to Nova Scotia, Canada. We have been unable to find him. I don't think that's an extraditable offense!!!!:D
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    Repossessed 1976 Rockwell 112TC

    Hi guys. Haven't been on at all in what seems like ages. Been insanely busy with the latest acquisition. Also haven't been doing much flying - 4 hrs in the last 6 months. Anyway, we (the bank) now have title to a 1976 Rockwell International Model 112TC. Unfortunately at the moment the...
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    I was invited to a "by invitation only" opening night of an auto show where the manufacturers had set up free alcohol stations. I picked up a beer and walked around for about 45 minutes, decided I had seen enough, downed the remaining half beer and started to walk out. The police had a free...
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    Congrats, Bruins, Stanley Cup Champs!

    As a Canadian I was deeply embarrassed by the behaviour of the Vancouver fans and rioters. All that I can say is that I predicted the riot win or lose. It seems these days that any time a group of people gather for any reason, there are a few hoodlums who join in to create havoc. At least...
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    JVL Pirep?

    Was there about a month and a half ago. Cheap good quality airport food. I've never bought gas there so can't comment on the fuel situation. The day we were there the "wind favored" runway was closed due to a belly flopped Mooney.
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    Good, cheap red

    Agreed. Great wine, and they also make a good white!
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    Gasoline Price Checklist

    Local news said it was due to 2 reasons: 1. Some refinery in Joliet is down for some reason 2. Switch to summer blends (more additives) :dunno:
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    Rats on a Plane?

    On Quantas.
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    Getting Back On The Horse

    Okay - back in the office and phoned today "to confirm documents were received". The lady told me they were received on May 25th (my letter was dated May 13th) and my application was in the queue. I asked about expected time frame and was told they don't provide time frames any more, but they...
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    Getting Back On The Horse

    Got a letter last week from the FAA stating they had received the electronic app and were waiting for the mailed backup materials. I'm out of town this week (Houston) but when I'm back next week I'll give them a call to follow up.
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    Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason

    They re-unite! If only it was permanent!
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    Getting Back On The Horse

    Thanks Bruce - I'll give it a couple of weeks then make my first call.