Xenforo migration scheduled for Feb. 23, 2016

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    As has previously been announced, PoA is migrating to new forum software.

    Members have been testing the new site and we've been doing our best to answer questions and tweak the public beta site.

    We've scheduled the import and cutover to happen on Tuesday February 23rd. We will be taking the current site offline some time around 18:00 UTC (12:00 PM CST). It will take around 5-6 hours to reset the site and import the content. Probably another 1-2 hours to re-implement a number of the customizations that we've made during the private and public beta tests. Best case scenario, we'll be back online around 5:00 PM CST...though it could stretch into the evening. The most important thing for us during all of this is data integrity. We won't turn it loose until it's ready to go.

    If you haven't yet done so, go check out the beta site and let us know if you see anything wrong.

    Beta site: http://beta.pilotsofamerica.com/

    Please read through all of the following before heading over as a number of questions have already been answered.

    Exciting changes for Pilots of America (New forum software)

    New POA site open for Beta Testing!

    Read this thread before testing:

    Also read this thread before testing:
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