AFAIK, this is a test platform with UL 520 turbocharged engines. I haven’t heard anything about a production run.
Hey Velocity people! I'm really curious about short field TO/Landing performance specs. How will these things do going into a place like Cameron Park (O61)? With it's bowl shaped runway, displaced threshold, and terrain, I'm curious if these birds will be able to get in and out. It's a 4,000ft runway with a 1,500ft displaced threshold. Any owners think a full gross takeoff would be an issue? How close to the factory performance specs of TO 1,300ft and Landing 1,500ft do you guys get?

I also don't really have the time to build something, so I'm interested in buying something second hand if the right one comes up.
A Velocity is not an ideal plane for that airport. No problem getting out. I was usually off the ground in 1,000-1,500'. But for landing my minimums for my XL-RG were 2,800' at sea level. And that's with a few hundred landings. When I hit everything just right I can make the turnoff at 1,500'. But being just a little too fast or a little too high makes that turn off impossible without hitting the brakes HARD. I know some guys flying a standard with VG's that can get in to your runway with no problem. I also know a guy with an XL-RG that has a beta prop who lives on Summerland Key (2,400'). So it can be done with the right plane or prop.