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    Our new forum software handles disciplinary actions (warnings, suspensions, and bans) differently than the old software did.

    1) There is no concept of a "suspension"; only "bans". However, bans can be temporary or permanent. A "temporary ban" is the equivalent of a suspension. As our forum software currently stands, users that are on a temporary or permanent ban will appear similarly to other users: a red "Banned" banner on their profile, and a status of "Ejection Handle Pulled". It's impossible for you to differentiate, at this time, if a user's ban is temporary or permanent, unless the "Banned" banner remains for an extended period of time. If we can find a way to differentiate temporary and permanent bans, we'll do so, but in the meantime please understand that "banned" may be temporary, and that the "banned" user may be back in a few days, with the red banner and status disappearing from their profile card. Users that are temporarily banned can differentiate between a temporary or permanent ban--when they attempt to log in to the site they are informed that they are banned, and when that ban will be lifted.

    2) We want full transparency on how the new forum software helps automate disciplinary actions. To that end, we've updated the Rules of Conduct with an Enforcement section that clearly describes how the process works. Please review this new section. Your continued use of POA acknowledges your acceptance of these updated Rules of Conduct.

    As a reminder, the Management Council cannot monitor nor read every thread. We depend on you, the valued Participants of the forums, to use the "Report" button to alert us to posts that may (or may not) violate one of the Rules of Conduct. As we all have day jobs, it may take us a few days to get a concensus and take action, so we appreciate your patience as we review your reports.

    Thank you for your continued valued participation in the Pilots of America forums,

    The Management Council
Thread Status:
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