Tie down at SMO or VNY?


Aug 26, 2021
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I’m in LA about 12-15 days a month, and looking for advice on where to keep my airplane for those days. I currently stay in WeHo and keep use transient at KWHP. But will be moving out of the WeHo place in October.

Considering getting an apartment in Santa Monica for a year. I doubt I’d get a hangar, so that means a tie down outside. SMO and VNY seem to have tie downs available, and I’m wondering between these options:
- tie down at SMO; ~15 mins to airport, corrosion risk
- tie down at VNY; sunny and hot (I have a cover), 30 mins to infinity drive over the 405.

My plane is an 87 Mooney that’s currently corrosion free, and has clear plastics and still shiny original paint). Is a coastal airport a really bad idea for corrosion, or with 10-15 days a month for a year, should I not worry about it?
All have to say about this is that not sitting in LA traffic is worth the risk of parking at SMO 100%.

You will not have an issue if you are intermittently parking at Santa Monica. Leave your plane there uncovered and unattended for 5 or 10 years is a different story.

I’m curious what a tie down at Santa Monica costs these days?
I’m curious what a tie down at Santa Monica costs these days?

I haven’t called yet to confirm availability. The website (last updated in 2019) says they are available at $124 a month (<-- edit: confirmed they are avail and still at this price). The Park at VNY is $210 I think, but landing fees at SMO offset that difference.

I agree on LA traffic. If corrosion is a non-issue, SMO makes sense.
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If you haven't, do a good Corrosion-X or similar fogging treatment, and repeat about every 3 years.
Try calling Million Air at BUR. BUR is GA friendly and never the clusterf&*k that VNY is. Even VFR is piece of cake into BUR and the controllers accommodating. I fly into there exclusively now instead of VNY who doesn't like GA. If you can work out a deal with them(don't see why not) I'd do that over SMO and VNY...unless of course I lived in Santa Monica.
Hmm…ok. I’ve actually been in Million Air a handful of times flying corporate (passenger, not pilot) and even landed at BUR a handful of times, but not stayed. I got the sense that BUR would be way more expensive than other options, but I’ll give it a look.
Landing fees for a piston single that is based on the field? Ew.

Yeah, It’s slated for closure, and I’m not super familiar with all the history, but it does seem that the city wants to make it unappealing to fly there.