The Spin Zone Comes to an End

Discussion in 'News' started by Pilots Of America Management, Oct 24, 2015.

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    After much debate and consideration, the Management Council has made the decision to terminate the Spin Zone. We are taking this action because the level of discourteous and uncivil behavior has increased, and unfortunately continues to spill over into the aviation related forums. This does not fit the goals of the forum, stated in the Rules of Conduct.

    • Show respect at all times.
    • Help build the Community.
    • Encourage discussion, interest and education in all things aviation.

    The Spin Zone was originally instituted to give people a place to discuss controversial topics that other forum members would rather not see on the main board. As previously stated, we have noticed that many of the attitudes and animosities people express in the Spin Zone are carried over onto the main board. That's not to say that there aren't good discussions and posters in the Spin Zone, but baiting, trolling, and personal attacks are entirely too frequent.

    The Management Council understands that the nature of some aviation topics is political, and we will allow discussion of these subjects. However, if the thread dissolves into partisan bickering it will be closed. Participants who continually attempt to turn the discussion in that direction will be warned. If the behavior continues they will be suspended. Any threads that we previously would have sent to the Spin Zone will be closed instead.

    We will be flipping the switch off on Spin Zone at midnight, January 1, 2016. We are giving Spin Zoners time to decide if they are going to migrate en masse to another site or set up an alternative forum in another place. Please keep these discussions in the Spin Zone. Our decision is unanimous and final.

    We have also revised and clarified the Rules of Conduct. Below is the most recent version of the Rules of Conduct (ROC). The rules related to the Spin Zone will remain in effect until Spin Zone goes away.

    POA Rules of Conduct

    Pilots of America Management Council

    Adam, Greg, Jason, Jesse, Mari, Spike, and Troy
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    Access to Spin Zone was shut down at 0117 Zulu.
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