Seat Belt TSO tag

First off it is not illegal to remove mattress tags if you own it. lol

Second I was a NHRA racer for 12 years, every 2 years we had to have our safety belts rewebbed with new SFI tags sewn on. Kind of crazy to require it every 2 years and we(the racers) have been bitching about it forever.

I had a bad wreck in a dragster at 240mph and lived because of my fresh belts and helmet. Thank God and the NHRA I guess?
The first thing NHRA officials did before the smoke even settled is cut off every SFI tag off all of my safety equipment making it all void. Helmet, belts, suit, gloves, trans blanket, supercharger restraint and other stuff I can't think about now. Talk about a kick in the azz.
Back on track, I am still using the original belts in my 1980 cessna. I really do need to replace them. My AP has never said anything about them to me.

I raced SCCA. New belts were required every 5 years. Helmet had to be current or just previous SNELL standard (they revised every 5 years).

The belts in my Mooney were original 1986. I have replaced the front ones (and added inertial reel). And will change the read ones (never had a rear seat passenger) when the interior is done this winter.
Many planes in the GA fleet should have their seat belts changed. They don't last forever. I use Hooker Harness for my belts.
Seats belts lose strength as they age. If the aircraft is stored outside I would replace every 5 years. If inside every 10 years. The sun is bad news for belts. Many if not most auto racing organizations require belt replacement every 2 years.