Rules of Conduct (RoC) Update: Private Messages

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    The Management Council has updated the Rules of Conduct regarding private messages (aka "Conversations") to make it clear that discussing the contents of a PM without the consent of all parties is a violation of the RoC. The previous wording was vague as to whether or not the entire message had to be posted "verbatim".

    The revised RoC contains this wording on that topic:

    What do we mean by "proof"? We can't read your PM's, so here's an example:

    "Proof" would need to come from the parties themselves. Assume that parties A and B had a conversation, agreed to discuss it further in public, and Party B made a post about the PM. Subsequently, party C (a third party) reports it as a violation of the RoC. If both parties A and B inform the MC that yes, they agreed to discuss it in public, that would be sufficient proof for the MC to not pursue C's reported violation or to enforce a warning to Party B for revealing the contents of a private conversation.