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Nov 20, 2023
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I'm curious what people do that need reading glasses to see the panel, but can otherwise see OK, and find themselves having to take off in the direction of the Sun? My first thought was some type of shades for my readers but I only need them for the panel, normally I look over the top of them because I can't see distances with them on.
I have “flying glasses” cut with full width trifocals, the middle section cut for viewing the full width of the panel without moving my head (I took my tape measured distances, eye to the panel in front of me as well as eye to the far right side of the panel, to the optomologist & they worked out then formula)

Two pair, one non-polarized dark amber sunglasses (amber enhances contrast & is better in haze), the other clear.

Like you I don’t need distance correction, so the tops are clear. Bottom are pretty strong for reading the ipad.

Of course, nothing really helps flying into the sun but a sunshade on the window, 50% or greater density.
I use these when flying. Dewalt bifocal, tinted safety glasses they are like $12 on Amazon. If I don't need the sun glasses I use regular readers.

I have had both of my flying glasses made by my eye doctor/optomologist.
Told him exactly what I was doing and he already knew polarized was not a option.
I had already bought a pair of non presciption Serengeti and loved the gradient tinting. He got new prescription lenses just like the tinted ones from Serengeti in the Serengeti frames. Love them.
The second most important item is the Rosen sun visors.
Between the 2 I am able to see on those early morning or late evenings when the sun is low.
2 mornings ago I climbed out of Gatlinburg TN airport to the east at 8:30am and climbed to 7500' to clear the mountain with the sun in my face. It was important that I had the right equipment to keep from hitting that mountain with my wife aboard.
Good luck with yours.
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Are you saying you don't have distance correction? My wife got bifocal readers with clear tops at You can get them in any configuration you like really.

My prescription progressives come form Zenni (cheap and military discount if you qualify). I have a pair of "airplane" sunglasses that aren't polarized because the 480 gets hard to read with the regular polarized ones I wear.

I like these a lot. The arms are super thin so they fit well under the headset. The removable tinted lens means one pair of glasses for bright sun and dark evenings, and I don’t have to remove the glasses to switch between tinted and clear.

On a whim, I bought a pair of these at Reno this year. They work pretty good as sunglasses and readers. My old "Transistions" progressive lenses are OK as prescription glasses go. But, they're not great sunglasses. The Flying Eyes are great sunglasses with the added advantage of being able to actually see the small detail on the Dynon displays.
I use my favorite sunglasses with the little stick on readers that hold to the lens with static cling
BTW, one thing I really like about my stick-on readers is that the stick-on lenses can be trimmed as needed and positioned wherever I like on my sunglasses.

I adjusted mine so that the transition line falls on my glare shield or cowling when I'm in the pilot's seat. That puts the panel view and the outside view in perfect focus. I just move my eyes; no having to reposition my head to bring things into focus.