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    Hi there I just received a letter by the FAA that I am eligible for a first class medical after jumping through many hoops for the past year due to mood disorder and marijuana use back in high school. This was back in 2016 when they denied my medical and just last year I decided to get my first class again knowing that I would have to jump through some hoops. I saw a Hims psychiatrist and took a hair follicle test to prove to the FAA that I am worthy of obtaining a First class. After almost a year I received a letter yesterday letting me know that I am able to obtain a first class again and that I would need to undergo a physical exam by an AME at this time and that the ame is authorized to issue me a first class medical providing he/she finds me otherwise qualified. They cautioned me that due to my mood disorder operation of aircraft is prohibited at any time new symptoms arise and also cautioned me that any offenses or evidence of substance abuse will require re evaluation and posible denial. I got lucky enough to avoid the monitoring program. My question is when I go see the AME to fill out medical application would I have to check yes for section 18 regarding depression/anxiety and substance abuse? I know I have to and will have to say previously reported no change but it says I only note that if I reported it in a previous application which I did not this is the first time I will be noting that so how do I proceed with this? I am scared that in a few months they will deny my medical again if it gets in the hands of of a wrong FAA doctor that wants to make a problem out of it. Has anyone ever been denied again after writing previously reported no change? There are probably numerous doctors that look at your case and it’s never the same one every time. I’m worried that one day they will make me jump through the hoops again once i renew my medical if it gets in the hands of an FAA doctor that wants to re evaluate me again for no reason.
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    An AME is always entitled to ask about PRNC items. If you have an SI letter, you're going to need to show that anyhow most likely. It's usually best to go back to the same AME who did your initial SI exam because he knows what is going on (the FAA sends him copies of everything that happens subsequently as well).

    That being said, if the original AME was a turkey like mine was, you are well advised to spend some time with a new AME on the renewals. My new AME listened through the whole story of my case and wrote "that's a ******** diagnosis" on the submission to the FAA. This amusingly got me out of the SI.
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    Mine is not an SI it a a regular unrestricted first class
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    I would keep that letter and take it, or a copy, to your next medical. I would also take it any time you change AME's.
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    NEVER LOSE THE LETTER . 18 (m,o) if yes remains YES FOREVER.
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