Poll: FSS radio at untowered fields


Gone West
Feb 23, 2005
Chester County, PA
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As I'm sure everyone knows, the protocol when approaching a field where there is a FSS but no tower, is to talk to the FSS rather than simply self announce.

Do you think this is a good thing and should the FAA (or Lockheed/Marietta) continue this practice?
When I go to a nontowered airport where there is an FSS providing advisory services, all I use the FSS for is getting the airport advisory. The rest, for me, is self-announcing and listening up. Unfortunately, the FSS at MIV doesn't understand their job, and they try to act as a control tower. The result is so much yakking from MIV Radio that nobody can get a word in edgewise and airplanes are all over the place while MIV Radio "advises" people on the situation as it was 5 minutes ago. Last Saturday, I led a 5-ship formation across the main (but off-duty) runway, and was unable to announce either before crossing or once clear due to a 45-second non-stop transmission from MIV Radio.