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Oct 28, 2014
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Jack Fleetwood
Well, thanks to @GaryV submitting a photo from our photo shoot (Click Here for the Thread) for the Cessna Owner calendar, they reached out to me. After a few discussions, I'm now the photographer for 'Cessna Owner' and 'Pipers' magazines!

I'm going to be posting here and on Facebook looking for specific airplanes. I'll be paid by the plane, so I would prefer them to be as close to me in Central Texas as possible, but I'm not ruling out traveling for the right plane, and will let everyone know where I'm going to be if traveling.

As some of you noticed out last week, I was looking for a very specific airplane. Sometimes I'll have some leeway, other times it will be very specific to match their story.

This is an exciting opportunity for me and I'm hoping to drag some of you along. I can tell you already there will be a 182 from the forums showing up on November's magazine, so we're on the way! More details soon.
Congrats Jack!
Looks like a win/win situation.
Thanks! Might be win/win/win! I get the covers of magazines, the owner of the plane gets a free photo shoot, and hopefully the magazine gets photos they love.