#OSH23 Jambalaya/Chili Party Tuesday

Sorry I ended up getting there so late! I missed @TangoWhiskey and @SixPapaCharlie and probably some others. Big thanks to Grant for saving me some food!

I flew the plane in after the airshow, and it was somewhere around my 35th-40th Fisk arrival. While I timed it such that I'd be one of the first in after the airshow with a 5:40PM departure from KUES and hearing planes just getting into the Rush Lake hold, I ended up getting the full treatment and holding west of I-39, half a state away, as each holding pattern filled up in just a couple of minutes. Finally touched down on the Green dot (27) at 7:41 PM, and taxied all the way home... Or, at least, it sure felt like it! I ended up with my tail against the south fence of the airport, in the last row of the South 40, shutting down over a half hour later at 8:12 (so much for props stop at 8)...

It was still a thrill, and my passenger from Germany enjoyed it as well. Next year, hopefully I'll make the whole party again.