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    What is your refraction? Pupil diameter? What frame do you desire? Does the frame fit your face/bridge? Is the weight of lens/frame going to be comfortable? Frame needs to be adjusted to face before the pupil distance is marked for the lens? One cannot determine if the frame is comfortable until it has been adjusted to the face AND the weight of the lens are taken into account. Many patients pick their frames without any professional guidance, only the sales staff who have no idea other than to ask ‘Do these frames feel comfortable?’ You have no idea on how comfortable they will be till they have been adjusted and the weight of the lens have been taken into account. Not every frame can provide a good fit with the optics in then correct position. Each face/bridge requires a different frame. The prescription, measurements, frame, lens distortion, center thickness all can be screwed up. Beware if you take them back and you hear ‘wear them, you’ll get use to them’ or ‘they’re the prescription the doctor ordered.’ You should be re-examined and all these variables re evaluated for free. The doctor, salesperson, optician, lens maker can all be the source of the problem. They should all work together to make it right or your money back, including the exam. They should tell you before hand if your expectations are too high.
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