New Garmin 335 Install

Mooney Fan

Cleared for Takeoff
Sep 17, 2017
Indian Mound, TN
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Mooney Fan
I hope to make Sun-N-Fun this year so added needed ADSB for my C-150M.

Had my second flight with it yesterday. Observing my track on Flight Aware I see the altitude and airspeed lines/graph are very jagged. The 335 I had in my Cherokee the lines are nice and smooth.

The signal looks noisy.
Is this anything of concern?

What ads-b do you have now? A 335 or a Stratus ESG would definitely be an improvement.
Just a guess, but could it be that you cruised higher in the Cherokee? The altitude range in this graph is quite low which makes the spikes look larger. If you cruised at 7000 the spikes would look relatively smaller.