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Jan 17, 2018
San Diego, CA
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Im going to start working in Bell Gardens near Los Angeles some time around October. Does anyone know an airport nearby that has an inexpensive hangar for rent? Probably Compton, El Monte, Hawthorne or Long Beach
Are you intending to commute in?

Close "as the crow flies" is not the same as "close as the car sits in traffic" in LA as I suspect you know :) I'd do CPM or HHR before EMT. The difference in drive, if you're near commuting times, could be 30-45 minutes.

I have been based at CPM and HHR. CPM is not super convenient to the freeways, and HHR might actually be your quickest drive to Bell, but I suspect it's close.

I'd probably try tie-down for a few weeks at each and see which had the least asspain.
The biggest issue with Compton is no instrument approaches and no tower at a rather busy airport in extremely busy airspace. Otherwise, it's a decent option.

HHR is probably expensive for a hangar now. A lot of folks tie down there though and get good treatment from the FBOs - airline pilots that commute in use it for the proximity to LAX.

What time would you be flying in and out. If you can offset commuter hours, EMT could be just fine - it isn't far.

LGB might have the best surface street options and has a good ILS/LPV and a competent tower for marine layer days, but no idea what a hangar goes for there now.