Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

I think it's fine. Anyone that understands the joke isn't going to be offended.

Now this one might not be: When a girl asks another girl to go to the bathroom with her, it's no big deal. When a guy asks another guy to go to the bathroom with him, they arrest the senator.
The saying used to be, “The first rule of politics is ‘don’t get caught with a live boy or a dead girl’.” I’m not sure that applies anymore.
My cable guy told me they are doing away with cable boxes and switching to IP boxes connected to the internet, or smart TVs.

If you only have broadband via the cable, then you get on the internet with a cable modem.

Modem--> IP Box--> TV or Modem--> WiFi--> Smart TV.
Maybe they could paint the inside of them safety orange, like the old parkas, so when they fall down they are easier to find?


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