For Sale: Partnership IO-550 Baron D55, WAAS, ADS-B Out

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    Nov 6, 2008
    Hipsterdelphia PDX
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    Mike Brannigan

    I have this beastie, but it could use about 2-3x the flying I have for it. Most of my trips are weeklong sojourns for business, to Phoenix, to the Bay Area, to Los Angeles, and often one or two big trips per year (Dallas, Nashville, etc). Not too many $300 hamburger runs.


    I seldom fly on weekends.

    This seems an ideal situation for a partner or two, so thought I would browse the idea out there.

    Will split equity for reasonable Vref or other mutually agreed valuation. Right now I'd expect this to be in the 120-140K range. Would also consider dry lease shared arrangements. Might consider cross-lease arrangements if you already have a plane that fulfills a different mission.

    If you're a newbie building time for the airlines, Twin Oaks Airpark has a lovely Apache for you for 265/hour, go nuts. Looking for a conscientious pilot who knows how to take care of expensive machinery and wants some XC Oomph and someone to share the bills with. :D

    Taking her to the Salt Lake City ABS Clinic if you want to join. :) Enjoy scenic eastern OR and western UT. Hoo Boy!

    Plane is currently at KUAO Aurora, but I live in SE Portland (Sellwood) so can consider HIO, PDX, TTD, and maybe VUO if I can figure out the tax arrangements of WA State.


    The plane, in summary:

    1968 Beechcraft D55 Baron
    Serial # TE-455

    Max Gross Takeoff 5300 lbs
    Basic Empty Weight 3419.65
    Useful Load 1,880.35
    Usable Fuel Capacity 136 Gallons
    Empty CG 78.98


    Garmin GNS-530W GPS/Nav/Comm
    Garmin GTX 330ES ADS-B Out Mode S Transponder
    PS Engineering PMA6000 Audio Panel
    Century III Autopilot
    Monroy Traffic Watch ATD-300
    Stratux ADS-B In Receiver hardwired in nose baggage
    Artex 406Mhz ELT
    TKM MX-170C Nav/Comm
    BF Goodrich WX-900 Stormscope
    King KPI-550 Slaved HSI
    Bendix/King KN-65A DME with KI-266 Indicator
    Argus 5000 MFD
    GEM 1200 Twin Engine Analyzer
    AirGizmo Dock with Garmin 496 hardwired to aircraft (power + XM Audio)
    Astro-tech LC2 Digital Chronometer
    Co-pilot PTT switch
    Apple iPod hardwired to aircraft (power + audio) in glovebox

    Additional Equipment:

    Six seats installed
    Large baggage door
    3/8" Speedslope windshield
    Alcohol propeller system
    Onboard 5-place Oxygen
    Fluorosilicone Fuel Cap O-rings
    GAMIjectors tuned custom fuel injectors
    LED Taxi and Landing Lights (3 total)
    Tail and Belly Strobes
    Dual Yoke

    TTAF 4760 TT Hobbs
    Engines 2008.6 SFRM / 1132.0 SMOH - Continental IO-550C7F (2/1993 Continental, 8/2001 John Jewell)
    Propellers Hartzell PHC-C3YF-2UF 2008.6 SPOH (IRAN 1/2010, 684.5 SIRAN) / 2008.6 SPOH (IRAN 5/2011, 524.8 SIRAN)

    LHE is high time (just crossed 2000 SFRM) but it doesn't even turn the oil dark until 25 hours so we're running it until it speaks to us. There are no metering tachs on this plane, so the hours are all in Hobbs, if that helps. Quote is in hand, we can work out how to handle the $40K and 6 weeks of downtime equitably, I'm sure.

    If you'd want to jump in after the MOH, that's cool too, and it might accelerate that happening as part of the January Annual.

    Planned upgrades include: BAS Harnesses, G4 Twin with FF, and probably a pair of G5s when the Gyros give up.

    Buncha pictures, logs, other nonsense here:

    I'm an MEI and can handle checkouts, joyrides, dual, IPC, whatevs.

    PM Me here, or (best)
    503-395-8380 Google Voice (least best :D )

    Thanks for viewing.

    - Mike
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    Nov 6, 2008
    Hipsterdelphia PDX
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    Mike Brannigan
    Update for nobody in particular:

    - Plane is now hangared at KHIO (finally)

    - New BAS Shoulder Harnesses installed, and a round of de-squawking and tweaking at AVStar completed. Topped the RHE #4 based on strange barrel scoring found at the ABS Service Clinic. The squawk list at the clinic was very small and added to the GDrive stuff.

    - LHE Overhaul is scheduled for January

    Will be seeking 1/3 partners circa $45K after the overhaul.

    See ya,

    - Mike