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    Feb 18, 2007
    Guess it depends on what week it is!
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    iAM in AK!
    I just dropped some passengers off at KBAD (Barksdale AFB, right near Shreveport, LA.

    They are part of the organizing group for the big airshow happening there tomorrow. USAF Thunderbirds, lots of static displays, other flying stuff... You know... the usual... lol And they have a pretty awesome Air Museum there as well. B-17, P-51, etc... you get the picture!

    What amazed me is that it is the largest current B-52 base, with Minot being #2. There are well over 60 B-52's based at this one field. Along with all the refuelers (KC-10's, KC-135's, etc) Just row after row of some pretty damned big aircraft!

    Of course it was a little tough getting the KingAir to land on their tiny little runway... (11,000+ x 300')

    (By the way, you do need a PPR to fly in there, but don't hold your breath getting one. Only because our passengers were Airshow VIP's did we get permission to land there. Plan on landing at Shreveport.)

    When I go back on Sunday to pick them up, I'll try to remember my camera to grab a few shots...