How to work the airplane vs. how the airplane works

Martin Pauly

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Dec 27, 2011
Cedar Rapids, IA
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Martin Pauly
Doug Rozendaal and I sat down yesterday to chat about different training approaches. Airlines these days teach pilots how to work the airplane, using a QRH with checklists and guidance to troubleshoot. Why that doesn't work well in our typical light GA aircraft, and what we can do about it is what we discuss in this video.
Martin. Thank you for another great video tackling some aviation myths and how we need to keep learning.
Good video for sure.

I'm very thankful that many years ago in high school shop class 'Mr. Walden" made me dig deep and troubleshoot things until I understood what caused a problem and what to do to fix it. He would teach you how a system worked and then find ways to make you show you understood them.

For instance, one morning Joe Walden came over to my desk and gave me a brown paper bag with a distributor, cap, rotor, points, condenser, & wires all separated out of a GM 235 six cylinder that was on a shop stand. The engine was spun after the parts were removed. I was then instructed to install the parts, set the timing, and crank the engine. I did!

I also like the point made in the video about how having a proper knowledge of systems helps a pilot to understand when it's a minor concern or a major problem and how that helps the pucker factor in the moment. Situational awareness as to what you are seeing compared with knowledge of the systems can prevent a lot of stress!
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