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    This forum is one of those forums designated as "confidential" on Pilots of America. This means that you may, if you choose, post in this particular forum anonymously, and be assured that no public link between your post and you will be displayed in any form.

    This is allowed so that you may ask questions, relay personal stories, or share other information which you might not otherwise want to do so with your name attached.

    Posting Anonymously
    In order to post anonymously in this forum, when you create a new thread or a new reply, in the Miscellaneous Options section (below the "Submit New Thread" button), select the checkbox next to "Post Anonymously?".

    This will cause your post to display as "Anonymous" and no information about you will be displayed to the general public. You will still be able to edit your post to make changes or corrections, and you will also be able to choose to remove the anonymous flag from your post if you are so inclined.

    How to Post Anonymously - Old Method
    In order to post anonymously you must Log Out of the forums using the Log Out link in the top right portion of every screen on

    Once you are logged out, you may return to this forum and enter a new post as a Guest, or enter an "alias" username under which to post your message. Whether you supply a username or not, your post will be submitted completely anonymously and nobody will know who wrote it. (See Caution, below)

    In order to begin posting under your username again, you must log in again with your username and password.

    This method is still permitted - but posts made with this method will not be editable.

    Please be advised that your Internet Protocol Address (IP) is logged with every post, regardless of anonymity. The administration of Pilots of America capture this information for security purposes only and will only use the posted IP to determine the identity of an anonymous poster if the anonymous poster is abusing the Pilots of America forums. All posts made on Pilots of America forums which violate the Rules of Conduct can and will be held against the registered user who abuses the ability to post anonymously, and such abuses can lead to suspension or permanent banning of such an abuser, by username and by IP.
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    I guess the "New Method" is gone? No option to post anonimously that I can find. This is using the "Old Method".