How often do you fly?

In the 400 range, but flying is my day job (and my side job too).

For the consecutive days, my online logbook ( tells me that my longest streak was 12 days back in 2013. That was for 17 flights, most of which were as a CFI, when CFI-ing was my side (and only flying) job.
Around 90-100 hours and strictly recreational.
80-120 hours/month.

Hey, someone has to do it.
About 60 or so hrs a year. My plane is now in annual he'll and have. Ot flown in almost a month. Not counting time on my simulator, but landing a 206 on an aircraft carrier was cool.
Never heard of this airport, will investigate!
In my mind, not often enough.
In my wallet, too much.
In reality, not nearly enough.

All for play, so you know it's never enough.
What I have seen both the “average” aircraft owner and non-profit flying club member flys an average of 5 hours a month / 60 hours a year.

Lately I have been flying 3-4 lessons a day x 7 days a week - way too much.
So it does spike! (Looking at the chart)
In honor of this post I flew 2 times recently :cool: