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Aug 18, 2017
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The Fedex St Jude golf tournament is going on now. One of the things they do is name a Fedex plane for one of the St Jude patients. The plane is a Cessna Caravan and is on a platform near the practice range.

Anyone know how it gets in and out? It shows up on google maps at the moment. TPC Southwind is the name of the course. You can see the plane in the screenshot below.
Screen Shot 2023-08-13 at 1.25.48 PM.png
My wag is they towed it in most likely. They prob didn't land it in the golf course, though they totally could, that thing is a glorified spam can.

Heck, mx here drove a broken T-38 (bird ingestion tore one of the engines all to hell) once behind a 5mph tug all the way from our auxiliary field back to home plate. They had to coordinate with two counties and do it in the middle of the night, in order to avoid rush hour traffic, to include the pedestrian worker bum rush at 0800 on base, most of which are aloof to the fact air force bases have airplanes, and thus would be likely to call 911 over it.

Took them over 5 hours to do the 40 minute drive lol. In fairness, it's San Antonio MSA, an AOG T-38 going 5 on a 60 county road behind one of those 1st gear only clown tugs is just a Tuesday in the debris chuckin' trash derby that this place is renowned for. :biggrin:
Its disassembled and moved out there by Fedex mechanics. Its part of the FedEx Purple Eagle program.
Thanks for that. I looked up the tail number and that plane had a bunch of flights between Milwaukee and Iron Mountain in the last couple days, so pretty sure it was not flown in. Just seems like a ton of work to get it broken down and set up again.
Just seems like a ton of work to get it broken down and set up again.
Not really. A 208 is just like a big 172: defuel it, pull the wings, and truck it down the road. Then reverse the process and watch it fly away. But it helps when the golf course is about 10 miles from Fedex's main mx hangar and dozens of mechanics volunteer to make it happen. I believe one year a Fedex mechanic's kid was the honoree and the turnout to move the aircraft was unbelievable.
Been watching the tournament since I'm stuck home with Covid. I watched the presentation naming the plane. Very touching, parent basically said without St Jude, they'd only have 2 kids, instead of 3. Tying in so directly with the hospital is a very good look for Fedex vs some of the other tournaments where the commercial sponsor gets lead billing.

@Bell206 thanks for answering with the real answer.
does this mean we're ready for wrong answers only now?
You're correct, the right answer is usually the first. Followed by 2+ pages of wrong ones or posters challenging the right one.
the plane got there when someone planted little cessna caravan seeds and watered regularly. before you knew it, up sprouted a high wing ripe for the picking. true story.