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    please read first

    I am a VFR student pilot presently taking flight instruction in Houston TX. my school is at a very active,very busy general aviation airport located in that city's far northwest: David Hooks Airport in Tomball Tx. I am used to flying in a Piper Warrior

    I am considering finishing my training in Phoenix for one big reason: better weather. I do not intend to live permanently in Phoenix, just find a comfortable hotel, and finish training, getting to the point where I am ready for checkride.I have done some prelimary research so far on Foreflight and the internet.I have done so far shows that possible general aviation airfields with class D airspace are: Phoenix Deer Valley(KDVT);Scottsdale(KSDL;Falcon Field(KFFZ):Chandler Municipal((KCHD);Glendale Municipal(KGEU). I prefer an airfield with a tower, and a school with a larger fleet of planes(preferably Piper, but will "tolerate" Cessna), and a larger group of CFI's. that gives me more scheduling options. I am also vaccinated(Pfizer BioTech), and as in Houston, hope that the schools in Phoenix will not require face masks during lessons

    to any student pilots and CFI's in living in and flying in the great Phoenix area; what schools would you recommend(or as the case may be, stay away from)

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    I just checked out in one of Southwest Flight Center’s 172s out of Scottsdale and rented it for a personal mission that afternoon (last weekend). They were responsive and had a sizable fleet. Availability of plane and instructor was not an issue. Cheap lodging at the Extended Stay America up the street. I can recommend one of their CFIs, Tanner, as competent and easy going. I will absolutely go back there next time I’m in Phoenix. I’d train there if I was local.

    The weather was unreal.

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    We may not be what you're looking for, but we are located at P19 (7 miles west of CHD). if you want to do something at a fun, like familyk mom & pop send me a PM. We have two Warriors, and a Decthalon if you want to do any tailwheel while you're in the valley. If you *need* a big flight school I'd recommend Chandler Air Service. They have a ton of Cherokees and two Cessnas.
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    If you can tolerate Cessnas, check out Fly Goodyear at GYR.