Getting a medical with old short term SSRI use



I’m looking into starting training with the intentions of making a career out of it so I would like to see if I can get my first class medical. Six years ago I saw my pcp about sadness, anxiety, and inability to sleep. This came about due to the suicide of a close friend. I was put on sertraline for depression/anxiety and trazodone for sleep(and I guess depression as well). I was only on the meds for approximately 2-3 months before I decided to stop them and work on myself without the meds. I have had no recurring episodes since then and have never been suicidal. I know I will need to get ahold of my records to start this whole process, but I was wondering what kind of hoops I will have to jump through and if I should go straight to an HIMS AME or just do a consultation with a normal AME. Thanks for any input.