Folding E-bicycle.

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    After OSH 2022 I’d pretty well made up my mind that I wanted to get some sort of “last mile” option. Was looking at various E bikes. After considering size/weight options I’m now leaning towards an E scooter. For as little as I’d use it, I’m having a hard time spending $1K plus.

    Best Buy / Costco options are typically the Segway Ninebot models. Thoughts? A different thread I haven’t found? Lots of options online, but I’d prefer to buy local of course.

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    The OneMotor still looks best for my purposes if it wasn’t so expensive, but this is the least expensive from a seemingly reliable company and fairly simple to install; and this is one of the niftiest with 2 tiny motors, if only it was available in the US.
    One could also go with a mid-drive install using the bottom bracket and using one of the less powerful and less expensive Bafang motors in a Kit by Luna but this I think is overkill for our purposes, but great for real distances possibilities. As with many though, the choice of the battery is what makes the difference for range.
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    I thought I would give you all an update from your EUC Guinea Pig...
    I have been using this video as my primary training guide. How to ride an electric unicycle in 12 steps.

    This is not the only video I have watched, but I think it is one of the best for me. This entire video is recorded next to a handrail, and I have wooden deck with a handrail that I can use for practice. The nice thing about a wooden deck is that it is a lot softer than concrete or pavement, so if I fall it doest hurt as much. The nice thing about this video is he divides the skills into 12 easy steps and he stresses leg and foot control with repitition to build muscle memory. He also stresses mounting and dismounting, and single leg control, and dismounting to avoid falls. All of these lessons are done next to a hand rail for safety.

    I practice for about 10 minutes at a time, about twice a day. So far I have about 15 practice sessions completed and I am at about step 7 out of 12. Since using his video I have not fallen but before that I did fall once, I just bounced on the deck and picked up without injury. I have stepped off the EUC many times, initially about every third of fourth try, but forced dismounts are starting to become less frequent now, maybe 1 in 6 tries. I have been able to cross a from rail to rail (about 14 feet) several times.

    I am still working on the initial charge of the EUC and at last check was still above 56% charge. I plan to recharge when I get down to about 20%.

    The only padding I use regularly is a modified knee pad the I use on my inner ankle and lower leg. The inside of my shin seems susceptible to bruising and this has resolved it nicely. I have a strong and weak leg. I was born deformed in my left leg and still have a short Achilles tendon and comparatively weak calf muscle on that side. I have adjusted the EUC with a forward tilt of 5 degrees and it helps a lot.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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