Flight Training Woes

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    I had a similar experience minus the personal conflict with my instructor. My instructor signed me off after she did a mock oral with me and she had me do a mock check ride with another CFI. My checkride was delayed twice due to weather and we did a 2 hour session prior to each checkride appointment, she thought I was well prepared and at one point asked me what I was worried about, my response was "what day is it". Some days I felt I had certain things and other days I felt like I just started flying. Get your issues resolved with your instructor and move forward. You also need to look at yourself and ask if you're overthinking some things, that's what I did. I'm not saying that will change your feelings of not knowing things it didn't for me but what I did do is convince myself that my CFI had enough confidence in me to sign me off than I should be confident in her judgement of my ability and knowledge.