FAA Hiring Controllers

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    I came up with that system 26 years ago but didn’t have Boeing money. Let me check my mailbox, I’m sure they sent my cut.

    Maybe it’ll show up tomorrow
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    I mean, who would want to work busy traffic for the low pay? A lot of the retireees who work contract towers want to work part time and the contractor is probably telling them they can't, due to staffing, so they just say forget it. Also, it isn't like SQL is in or near quite as nice an area to retire as other contract towers like OXR, SAC, SDM or RNM. A retired controller likely isn't living on the Penninsula and they're then stuck with a garbage commute, unless they are a pilot themselves.

    When was the last time the FAA upgraded a tower to FAA staffing? Have they even done it once since contracting out the lowest tier of towers?

    They want 25 years out of their investment.

    That question is appropriate for several places, especially in California. Why on earth would HHR be contract, given the traffic and complexity they deal with?
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    Dale Andee
    That approach seems to be working well for them ... :rofl:
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