Elevation Chophouse / Cobb County Airport (KRYY) Kennesaw, GA

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    I had an opportunity to visit the Cobb County Airport (KRYY) last night just north of Atlanta, GA. What an experience! Arrival is very easy into and out of the airport...even though it was crystal clear, I filed IFR and had zero trouble navigating my way there. The airfield IS within the Mode C circle for Atlanta's Class Bravo airspace, so do be aware of that, but otherwise, no troubles.

    I knew I was going to be having dinner at the Elevation Chophouse restaurant which is located right on the airfield...you can actually taxi right up to it! It is located adjacent to the Atlanta Executive Jet Center, so that is where I elected to park. I had spoken with Jennifer there beforehand inquiring whether or not there was anything that I should be aware of. As the lead CSR, she guided me through the entire process once I was on the ground, although if you've been to any FBO before, you'll be good to go. Upon arrival, I was immediately met by a lineman who guided me into a parking spot. My flight was only 50 minutes, but he was extremely happy to put 6.7 gallons back into the Skyhawk for me. I was happy to buy some gas, but even if I hadn't, there is no ramp fee at the FBO.

    The restaurant is two stories and an impressive sight located next to the ramp. I recommend getting a seat upstairs so you'll have a great view of the goings-on outside. The service was excellent, and the food was some of the best I've had at any restaurant I've been to. I was hungry immediately, so I started off with some of the G5 Nachos and a (virgin) Liquid Nitrogen Blue Raspberry Martini. This is a signature drink and is extremely fun to watch being made. Made with real liquid nitrogen (all at your table), this drink looks like a solid, but the moment it hits your tongue it turns into a liquid. The beauty with this is that because no ice is used to make the drink, it doesn't get watered down at all. Many flavors are available, so don't worry if Blue Raspberry is not your favorite. My dinner consisted of a 12 oz. New York Strip Steak (cooked PERFECTLY medium rare), accompanied with grilled asparagus and a loaded baked potato. My date also enjoyed a Nitro Martini (the real kind) and a Brisket that was HUGE and just as tasty! I polished the mean off with a cup of coffee and some delightful conversation with some of the staff.

    I would absolutely recommend this destination for anyone who is nearby. Price was spot on and I had no qualms at all considering what I received:

    6.7 gallons Avgas: $41.20
    Parking: FREE!
    Dinner w/ 20% tip: $81.47

    $122.67 is pretty good these days in my opinion!!

    Atlanta Executive Jet Center

    Elevation Chop House

    Check them out...you won't be sorry!!
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    Let's Fly
    We're based at LZU nearby, but have eaten there twice and always enjoy it. There is also the Runway Cafe @ KGMU (Greenville Downtown) and the Flying Machine @ KLZU if you want to try somewhere different.