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Sep 2, 2023
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Mike Barham
Looking to go digital with a primary EIS and choosing between JPI or GI275. Your thoughts and experiences would be helpful
I have an existing JPI 830 and am in the process of installing a GFC 500 and will drive it with a (pair of) GI 275’s. My avionics tech suggested adding another 275 to go primary for EIS and sell the 830/pull the original gauges. I evaluated a GI 275 serving as an EIS in a Cherokee and thought the display was harder to decipher at a glance than the 830 so I will not go with a change. If you have the panel space the 930 is fantastic. If you don’t have the space the 275 is still a fine alternative. Cost wise it is probably a wash.
No button pushing, everything you need is on one screen, and no need for 2 units. JPI is that option if that’s what you like/want.

I went non-primary for redundancy. Don’t care about clean panel.

With the JPI, all the harnesses are there. Garmin you or your tech will have to build them. More labor, more room for error.
I have been very satisfied with the EI MVP-50 in my Bonanza; if your panel plan does not include fabricating a large square place for the instrument (and I get that some folks don't want that), the CGR30P performs all the same functions in a 3.5" round form factor.

It integrates very well with your GPS, and (in either device) is primary, so you can remove older gauges - and you won't be looking down by your left knee to see if you have sufficient oil pressure or fuel, plus, no more oil dripping on your socks.
I love the JPI display. But going with Garmin EIS on the G3X with the upgrade.

If I don't like it, will try to shoehone in a JPI 900