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Good lord.... how can you fly over such flat land.???

I would be terrified....I need some rocks to be at eye level when flying..... :yesnod: :lol:

I agree! I would prefer flying in the mountain. But hey - I take what I get... ;)
Just as it will always be the Newburgh Beacon bridge.

What are they trying to change the Newburgh Beacon Bridge to?

Why can't they leave these bridges and tunnels alone. It will always be the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and the 59th Street Bridge.
Beautiful day in the E TN/N GA mountains. Flew from our strip in Lenoir City to a private strip near Suches, GA (High Valley, GA87). Karen grabbed this panorama from the back seat:


(Even cooler on FaceBook where you can pan around)

Had a friend tagging along in his REMOS:


And I’m not an early morning person, but this E TN sunrise ain’t bad!

Thank you for referring to it as the "Tappan Zee"
But that's what it IS. And between the TZB and Newburgh-Beacon is the Bear Mountain Bridge, when it was built it was the longest suspension bridge in the world:


My Hatz isn't exactly a traveling machine, but it sure beat Labor Day weekend traffic on the way there last week... this is I-95 where it goes around New Haven harbor, staying above the class D.



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Here are some pictures from recent flights.
Barlow's Knoll in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I was careful to stay well to the north and use the zoom lens and zoom in feature of the photo editing software.

1011aj.jpeg A friend arriving into Gettysburg for lunch.

It took this friend about seven years to build this. He was departing Sky Haven Airport in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania when we arrived to drop a plane off at Griggs Aircraft for some avionics work.

My 1972 Cessna 150L. Woodstock has the 150hp engine, STOL kit, vortex generators and the tailwheel conversion. This is at Pennridge Airport in Perkasie, Pennsylvania.
Are you up there in the Mooney? Awesome Pics

Thank you! We wanted to fly in the Mooney but customs in Canada said that we cannot enter Canada due to COVID... :( Flights were cheap so we flew commercial.

I took these pictures while flying with a friend in his Zenith. :)
Made the trip to 1I5 in Freehold, NY. The airport is only 70ish miles round trip from GBR, with pattern and all, but right at the extreme end of the range for this Cub. I made it back with about 50 minutes of fuel on board. The asphalt runway is a shambles, but the grass is fine.
It's primarily a glider operation. I was hoping to see some soaring, but no joy.
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