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    Aug 3, 2005
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    The Pilotcast
    Pilotcast #32 is a CFI Roundtable on Learning to Fly! Listen in as three Certified Flight Instructors, "CFI Dr. Bruce" Chien, "CFI Ron," and "CFI Joe" discuss topics such as:
    • What propective student pilots should ask when starting flight lessons.
    • What are the two most common questions students ask, and what are the answers?
    • Why is the percentage of students who actually complete the certification, so low?
    • What is the most difficult stage of private pilot training?
    • Which is better, a full-time CFI building hours for an airline job, or a part-time CFI who just enjoys the job?
    • What CFIs want most from students.
    Download or listen to Pilotcast #32 at or subscribe to The Pilotcast using the subscribe links at
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    May 9, 2006
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    Glad to see you guys are still making shows. I should just say "thank you" for getting me through a 12 hour drive through the night to Ohio over Christmas break with a wife and two kids sleeping in the back. Sorry to say I haven't listened much since, but I thought you guys had good information to offer, especially to the "weekend" crowd, but also more experienced aviators.